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Pernik Capital Limited (“Pernik”) is a New Zealand based Investment Manager.

The Principals are Geoffrey Laurence and Adrian Januszkiewicz. Pernik has been operating since 2005 and manages investments for individuals, trusts and companies.

Pernik manages the Vulcan Investment Portfolios (“Vulcan”), which invest in the equity and debt securities of publicly listed companies. Both Geoffrey and Adrian are significant investors via Vulcan.

Our focus is on providing absolute returns, returns which exceed the rate of inflation. We’re not seeking to benchmark our performance against peers, the fund management industry, or the share market as a whole; nor do we aim to fit our investing style into a specific classification.

We use a variety of investing styles to suit the opportunities which present themselves at any given time. Fundamentally, we are looking for companies which are undervalued and have a catalyst for price improvement. Our focus is simply to make positive returns over time, because that’s what is important to our investors. 
More on our investment philosophy.

We invest in securities listed on stock exchanges in New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and Hong Kong – these are places where we can understand the language, laws, accounting and business practices.

We have invested personally in Vulcan because we consider it important to align our personal interests with that of other Vulcan investors.